Original music inspired by remarkable people

What Is a Music Portrait?


You want to honor someone special in a unique way, but you're frustrated that all your ideas seem to fall short. You could name a star after them or give them a trophy, but you sense that the gift will be forgotten, leaving you both feeling rather, well, ordinary.

They (You) really need something so unique and amazing that it will travel the world over and over again, perpetually telling their story throughout this lifetime and for generations to come.

That is exactly why Music Portraits was created!

What is a Music Portrait?

A Music Portrait is original music inspired by remarkable people.

Music "portraits" have been around for years, though not labeled as such:

  • "Für Elise" was inspired by a woman Beethoven knew.
  • "Woman" by John Lenon was inspired by his wife, Yoko Ono.
  • "Candle in the Wind" by Elton John was inspired by Marilyn Monroe.
  • There are countless examples!

Here's an example of a Music Portrait, created by John Albert Thomas and inspired by a baby boy named Christopher, who never had the chance to grow up. This song was part of an infant loss bereavement project called, Now I Sleep.

Watch this video to hear Christopher's touching story.

Now, you have the opportunity to commission breath-taking music for someone special! This could be your favorite person in the world, someone who left a legacy, or someone who never had the chance.

What happens when I order a Music Portrait?

The first thing the artist will do is contact you directly. He will conduct a phone or Skype interview with you to meet you and hear why this person means so much to you. Then he will take his notes to the piano and use those thoughts and emotions to craft a musical work that is truly inspired. You will have a chance to preview the music before its official release.

Please note, all music remains the sole property of the artist at all times and is entirely protected by copyright law.

What happens when a Music Portrait is released?

Each time a music portrait is released, an incredible thing happens. When you and the recipient of this amazing gift hear your music for the first time on Spotify, Apple Music, Google, etc., you realize, "Hey, that's my song!" It is so exciting to hear your song because you know the person "behind the music." Their story spreads throughout the world as the music is downloaded and streamed for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for?