Original music inspired by remarkable people

The Artist

John Albert Thomas is the founder of Music Portraits. He composed his first Music Portrait for his wife, Rebecca, shortly after their marriage in 1996. Several years later, in 2009, he envisioned Music Portraits as an ideal way to honor others using his musical gifts. 

In 2011, John self-produced an album, Now I Sleep, which contains ten music portraits to honor ten families who lost an infant. Since then many infant loss bereavement ministries and hospitals have used his music portraits to bring healing to other grieving families. This was a great success in that it proved that original music can be a powerful way to honor and remember someone.

In 2018, John teamed up with watercolor artist, Sandi Dawn, to create artwork for Music Portraits. The pairing of piano and watercolor art has proven to be a beautiful marriage of creative expression that truly honors each Music Portrait recipient.

If you would like to honor someone in this unique and special way, contact John to discuss!

You can learn more about John at johnalbertthomas.com.

You can purchase John's music and Sandi’s artwork at shop.johnalbertthomas.com.