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Come Forth as Gold - Single

Come Forth as Gold - Single


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This song was inspired by a woman of indomitable spirit, Patty O’Hair. Recovering from tonsil cancer surgery, she told me her story in a brittle, broken voice. She told me, "I’m grateful that everything comes to an end, even the good stuff. I praise God this will end."

The original version of this song had a quiet, peaceful ending, but when I shared it with her, Patty replied, "Nothing about me or my life has been quiet, nor has the pain ever been without joy. The quiet ending sounded peaceful, but not joyful." She proceeded to fill me in on the victories, which led me to rewrite the ending you now hear.

Through God’s help and the help of those who love her she has overcome seizures, family dysfunctions, adoption battles, and now tonsil cancer. She told me of her healed body, restored relationships, joys of motherhood and so much more than she ever imagined. "Victory upon victory, all from the hand of God." I would say she has come forth as gold!