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Keep Loving Him (Naomi Moore)

Keep Loving Him - Single

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Naomi Moore was quite an industrious lady who owned her own upholstery shop in Grenada, MS. She believed in hard work and insisted that her children and grandchildren work for any money given. They affectionately called her, "Nonie".

When she was young she got married in a car, but on her 50th anniversary she finally had the church wedding of her dreams. It was the first time she felt beautiful.

The thing that inspired me in the creation of this song was a conversation she had with her granddaughter, Tammy, who was struggling with her marriage at the time. Tammy asked, "Will it get any better?" Nonie replied with her usual gentle candor, "I can't promise you that, but you just need to keep loving him."

In this song I tried to capture the beauty of persevering, unconditional love, where a decision means more than a feeling. Nonie's advice set the future on a sure foundation, and Tammy's marriage grew into something far more beautiful than she had imagined it would be.