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Nominate Someone!

Nominate Someone!


Step 1 - Read What is a Music Portrait?

By nominating someone special, you could be starting something of historic importance. This might turn into a musical adventure for you, your nominee, the music artist and their fans around the world. Does an adventure scare you? If so, don't let that stop you. The music artist is generously covering the cost of this gift, so you have nothing to lose and something incredible to gain. Click the link above to find out why this is so worth doing!

Step 2 - Think of someone you want to honor.

Music moves the soul when words are not enough.

There is someone very special and important to you and for good reason. This could be your favorite person in the world, someone who left a legacy, or someone who never had the chance. Words are not enough to express your thoughts and feelings for him or her. Good news! Music moves the soul when words are not enough. If you are having trouble picking just one person, don't worry, you can nominate more than one!

Step 3 - Complete the form below.

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If your story is chosen, an artist will contact you to gain further insight before composing.
This should be someone you love and respect deeply, or someone whose memory you hold dear.
Why do you want to honor them? What do you love about them? How have they changed your life or the lives of others? Inspire us! By submitting, you are giving us permission to publish your story to the public. Please make sure your words are gracious and truthful. They should feel honored, not embarrassed. When in doubt, get their permission.

Step 4 - Confirm your newsletter subscription.

After filling out the form above, you will receive a verification email (if not, check your junk folder). This contains instruction on how to verify your email address. Please click the link in that email and your submission will be complete!

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